Luvs diapers size chart

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I love Luvs diapers i've been using them since i left the hospital with my son! When i saw the new zoo babies at target i just had to have them, even though luvs are cheaper at our walmart. I HATE them they are the worst! we bought a box of size three and they keep leaving little sane like piece all over my sons crib! It would have bothered me so much if it was just one diaper but it's not it's been everyone and they are sharp! They left a huge rash all over my sons chest and back i am furious! My husband had to keep taking my sons mattress outside and shaking it out because even the vacume doesnt get the partical off. This is really upsetting because i really love luvs but not if there diapers are gonna fall apart and give my son a rash.