DownLoad program 89HD Hitech and Hybrid H1

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You use the HT-89HD and can download the program and HYBRID H1 up to check for the no Internet now ............


Here, Sir. Program, HT-89 HD Version 2.77 (No Net).  Up Date 30-6-2012

Program a HYBRID Version 2.54 H1 (No Net). Date 30-6-2012

Step down program

1 after loading it also forgot extract rar.

2 when the ProThe Department successfully, set the factory every time. Enter the code 0 select all Answer Yes.

3 wait program will automatically sort channels.

4 If the watch, check Open the Pat Close the package.T press F1 enter 0 (must select. Open the Pat).

5 wait it will come.
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